Our Purpose

To provide information on the disease of alcoholism and chemical dependency to our community.  To maximize
the availability of the club facility for as many hours as practical.  Further, to support the recovery of any
suffering or recovering alcoholic, and to provide support
for the families of afflicted alcoholics, whether the alcoholic
is a member of the club or not.

Oakland County, MI
We are a non-profit organization whose primary purpose
is to provide a safe, sober, drug-free environment to our
community, where lasting sobriety can be maintained.

From Articles of Incorporation (1963)
The purpose and plan of operation of the Center are: To aid and assist the alcoholic in their endeavor to obtain sobriety by whatever means deemed advisable, such as lectures, discussion meetings, coordination with Alcoholics Anonymous, cooperation with church, civic and other groups interested in the problems of alcoholism.

Official ByLaws - Revised January 11, 2009


The benefits of joining our Organization

"Therefore we expect that our Conferences will always try to act in the spirit of mutual respect and love--one member for another. In turn, this sign signifies that mutual trust should prevail; that no action ought to be taken in anger, haste, or recklessness; that care will be observed to respect and protect all minorities; that no action should ever be personally punitive; that whenever possible, important actions will be taken in substantial unanimity; and that our Conference will ever be on guard against tyrannies, great or small, whether these be found in the majority or in the minority"

(Found in July 2006, Box 459, General Service Office of AA)

"When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future."
-- Bernard Meltzer
From Concept XII
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